Urgent Care Swim Safety Reminders for a More Enjoyable Summer

The Union City urgent care facility encourages locals to visit the Dan Oden Swim Complex at the James Logan High School regularly. This outdoor heated pool is the perfect place to get some low impact exercise or take swimming lessons so you can be proficient in the water.

Of course, there are some safety precautions you should take at this and other pools to make sure you don’t injure yourself, but in the event that an injury does arise, you can rest assured as you can visit a nearby Union city walk in clinic such as U.S. HealthWorks after your dip. Continue reading


Union City Walk in Clinic Offers Alameda Creek Trail Safety Tips

Visiting the Alameda Creek Regional trail for walking, hiking or biking allows you to get in some great exercise and fresh air while admiring the great outdoors. The 12 miles of trails connect with some fabulous parks where you can watch animals or play with your kids.

If you plan to spend a day on the trails, following these tips from Union City urgent care providers can help you to stay safe and healthy. Continue reading

Need Immediate Treatment? The Three Benefits of Urgent Care Services

When you have a minor medical emergency, you may believe that an emergency room is the best place to get care. Urgent care services, however, are not your only option when you feel sick, are suffering from breathing issues or think that you may have a serious ailment. What are some good reasons why a walk-in clinic or urgent care center can be a good alternative to going to the hospital?

It doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not to receive urgent care services.

Whether you have insurance or not, you can get the same level of care for your basic health needs. This means that if you are having an asthma attack after a kickball game at Sea Breeze Park, you can get the help that you need to get your breathing back to normal.

If you have been hurt at work, you can get the help that you need first and worry about how you will pay for it after you have gotten treatment.

You can receive tests, from the basic to the comprehensive ones.

When you just need help overcoming a skin rash or help dealing with allergies, an urgent care facility can help. If you having trouble breathing and you have abdominal pain, a comprehensive visit can help diagnose your condition and start on the path to recovery.

If you think that you may have a sexually transmitted disease, a trip to an urgent care clinic may provide you with timely access to medical professionals who can confirm your suspicions.

Urgent care services can help you prepare for a trip or a game.

If you are going out of the country in the near future, you may be able to get vaccinated before you leave. For those who play sports or are simply trying to stay healthy, it may be possible to schedule a physical exam. No appointment is needed, and online forms are available to expedite the process of being seen by a doctor.

A Union City walk in clinic, like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, is there for you when you need help with non-life-threatening conditions or need a vaccination before you go on vacation. With labs and other tools available on-site, you have a viable alternative to the ER for your health needs.

Pink Eye among Many Students can be Treated by Urgent Care Clinics

The arrival of another year means a return to school for Union City children. Along with a heavy load of books and homework, there are also increased risks for illnesses, such as pink eye. Also known as conjunctivitis, this swelling of the thin layer of tissue covering the inside of the eyelid is an itchy, painful experience. The common name of pink eye comes from the bright pink color that the eye whites can take on due to the swelling.


Up to three million cases of pink eye hit every year in the United States. Children and those who work with kids are more likely to get the illness which can lead to at least a few days out of school. More severe cases may even result in weeks of lost school time. Spring is time of year when conjunctivitis is more common, but this doesn’t mean that your child won’t get this highly contagious condition.

Catching the Signs of Pink Eye

It is relatively easy to spot pink eye on sight due to symptoms, including the swelling of the eye, pink or red eye whites, the feeling of something in the eye, and swollen or painful lymph node in front of the ear.

Most of the time, doctors do swab tests to determine if it is bacterial, viral or an allergy. Parents of children with the above symptoms or adults can head to their nearby Union City urgent care center for a diagnosis. These centers will see patients the same day, so no need to suffer while waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Treatment of Conjunctivitis

Medical professionals at any walk in clinic in Union City will then prescribe a treatment tailored to the diagnosis. Bacterial infections are given an antibiotic eye drop. A viral infection can be treated with an anti-viral, or the doctor might suggest waiting for it to heal on its own. Allergic conjunctivitis is treated with antihistamines.

Sufferers can also use over-the-counter eye drops to treat the feeling of dry eye. Cold compresses help keep the swelling down. A mild pain reliever may help with any continued discomfort in the eye.

Prevention is Key

The best way for children to avoid catching pink eye is through regular hand washing. The illness can have viral, bacterial or allergic causes, but keeping the hands clean helps keep all of these potent factors from getting rubbed into the eye. Students should also avoid sharing make up and reusing old make up. Avoid reusing towels and tissues or old, dirty contact lenses. Change out the pillow case often too.

Most important of all, doctors recommend students afflicted with pink eye should stay home to avoid passing this on to others. Conjunctivitis can be fairly contagious. With proper treatment from Union City urgent care providers, like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, and a little patience, this common childhood ailment can pass without complications.


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Urgent Care Centers and How They Give Patients Affordable Options

Many would agree that the Affordable Care Act (ACA), popularly nicknamed Obamacare, was developed with good intentions. It was signed into law back in 2010 but remains in its early stages until today. Conflicts and concerns have emerged from its implementation. A piece of good news is that the administration is taking steps towards ironing out the problems related to the ACA. The California Healthline reports that the Obama Administration has set its sights on addressing two of the top concerns: directories and out-of-pocket expenses. Continue reading

Visit Your Union City Urgent Care Center and Get Vaccinated Today

California recently experienced a measles scare, affecting 131 Californians ranging from six weeks to 70 years of age. Fortunately, the outbreak that started last December was declared over by public health officials by the end of the 3rd week of April. Officials were happy to report that there were no casualties during the outbreak. Still, they were quick to advise residents to get vaccinated.

Continue reading