Union City Urgent Care Provider Offers Tips to Avoid Holiday Falls

With Christmas holidays looming ever closer, it’s no wonder many people are still rushing to complete their decorating. It’s a challenging task, especially when involving a huge area to cover with mistletoes and garlands, not to mention other displays meant to spread holiday cheer.

In the rush of it all, however, it’s still crucial that you don’t neglect safety precautions. Although the season may be happy, and the activity of decorating fun, there remains a real risk for accidents and injuries.

According to your Union City urgent care professionals, it is precisely during this time that you should be more observant of safety. Preparing decorations, after all, entails manual labor, which subjects you to risks.

Outdoor Decor

Instances of Risk

Instances of risk range from simply placing indoor decorations to falling or slipping from ladders outside. Overextension can strain your back and leg muscles. Meanwhile, carrying heavy displays to stage them in the front yard or on the roof can result in a lot of back pain.

This is why it is of utmost importance to pay attention to the task at hand, make use of the appropriate tools and correctly adapt techniques that make the work go faster.

First Aid in Case of Injuries

Sometimes, injuries and accidents still occur, despite your best efforts to stay safe. At the very least, you should know how to apply first aid before making your way to a Union City walk-in clinic for professional medical help.

In case of slips and falls, for example, it’s crucial to gain a good feel understand where the pain is located. Many people tend to simply get back up and shake the pain off, unmindful that they might have contracted an injury.

Walking it off sounds like a good idea until your ankle starts to swell because you are not staying off of it. If it feels like a cramped or strained muscle, its best that you get off your feet and let it recover. The sooner you do this, the better the chances of reducing the swelling.

You can also ice it for a while, just to better deal with the pain. Be careful when touching it, though, as this can trigger a surge of pain.

Companies like U.S. HealthWorks can be relied upon to provide you with quality medical care in case you trip and fall while putting up your holiday displays. 

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