Urgent Care Centers Share Tips to Avoid Common Thanksgiving Injuries

Did you know that there have been over 141 turkey fryer-related hot oil burns and fire accidents over the last decade? This is according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

What this shows is that even family occasions such as Thanksgiving can be a hotbed for a disaster if safety precautions are not taken. This is the last thing you’d want to happen as you prepare for your family dinner.

Below are some tips from a local Union City urgent care center that could help you avoid emergency situations, or at the very least, know how to handle them in the event that they do arise.

Child Washing Dishes

Keep Children Out of the Kitchen

Sure, having the children help in the kitchen is a great way to spend some quality time together. However, unless you are sure that you can handle both the kitchen and the children at the same time, you’re better off keeping them out.

Not only will it allow you to focus on your tasks, but it will also keep the children away from the risks and dangers of a full working kitchen. Hot surfaces, splattering oils, sharp knives, and food contaminants are all well within their reach in the kitchen. Things can become very dangerous very quickly in the kitchen, and if you’re not alert, you might end up getting yourself or your children hurt.

Thaw the Meat

It is important to take out the meat from the freezer at least several hours before your intended cooking time. The reason why oil splatters is because the ice from the frozen meat reacts with the boiling oil in the fryer. When oil splatters, it could land on the burner, which will make the flames bigger.

As a result of this, the danger is not only in oil burns, but also in bursting flames. It’s not unheard of that kitchen disasters can end up burning down entire houses, and that’s why you should always keep a fire extinguisher handy.

Be Alert

In case an injury does occur, don’t panic. Walk in clinics in Union City, CA, such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, are easily accessible and should be able to provide the kind of medical treatment that you need. The sooner you act on the issue, the sooner it can be resolved.

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