Union City Urgent Care Discusses Safety Tips During Cooking Class

If you want to learn the unique style of Thai cooking, you can attend Kitty’s Thai Kitchen Cooking Classes. These personalized sessions are held weekly at the Cracker Barrel Deli, a local Thai restaurant in Fremont, near Union City, CA. Classes are facilitated by owner and Chef Kitty Tang, who has had a passion for teaching the fundamentals of the cuisine for nearly 20 years.

Along with learning the spices and flavors used in Thai dishes, the cooking classes are also aimed to improve knife skills, food handling safety, and understand the chef’s cooking philosophy, both for beginners and professionals.

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If you’re planning to master the craft and test out some delectable Thai meals, you should also know about safety tips when working in the kitchen. Here are some useful bits of info from Union City urgent care providers to help you prepare.

Proper Clothing and Protective Items

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has reported that about 1% of kitchen fires occur when an article of clothing catches fire. This is why you should wear clothes that are not baggy, and your sleeves should be rolled enough to not touch any open flames.

Wearing aprons, mitts, and potholders are also advisable to protect you from spills and burns. Hair may be kept in a hairnet or properly secured away from the face.

Working with Sharp Objects

Incisions or lacerations are tissue injuries that are caused by sharp objects like knives and blades. Be careful when using cutting equipment like blenders or food processors. Avoid your sleeves or parts of your clothing that may get caught within the blades, and always switch them off or unplug them after use.  Injuries from cuts should be immediately cleansed and treated with antiseptic to avoid infection.

Be Mindful of Heat Sources

Also reported by the NFPA, kitchen fires are common, and they can be dangerous if kitchen workers are not aware of what to do. In recent years, nearly half of kitchen fire cases were because people leave the stove unattended. About 10% of reported kitchen fires happened when flammable items were placed near open flames or heat sources. Burns and scalds are also common injuries as well, caused by ovens, gas ranges, and even microwave ovens.

Identify Nearby Urgent Care Facilities

If in any case you or anyone in your cooking class gets a cut, a burn, or gets scalded, take them to the nearest Union City walk in clinic for immediate first aid. There are specialists who are on standby for any medical concern you may have.


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